It's Not Easy Being An Evil Genius | T-Shirt

It isn't, you know. Used to be that, once upon a time, all you had to do was start some kind of Reich, wave your arms around a lot, grow a funny little moustache and rant about killing a bunch of people you don't like. Well, I tried some of that. I've ranted endlessly about killing Chavs, but no-one has taken me seriously. At least, as far as I know. In fact, it seems to be the stupid little Chavs that are going around killing people. Something isn't right there. And, as for the moustache growing, I just end up looking like a paedophile, or one of those guys in the 118 advert, so we shan't go there. I DO wave my arms around a lot, but that just seems to incite a lot of giggling from those that are around me. I also started a Reich - of course, we don't call it that these days as people get testy - we call it a "T-shirt company". Thing is, no-one has figured it is a Reich yet and they keep buying bloody T-shirts off us, which keeps us too busy to do any of the thing that Evil Genius's are supposed to do. Tsk. I think I'll go and have a lie down - I can feel one of my heads coming on.

T shirt details

A classic unisex t-shirt that works well with any outfit. Made of a heavier cotton with a double-stitched neckline and sleeves.

- Rolled-forward shoulders for a better fit
- Stylish fitted sleeve
- Seamless double-needle collar
- Taped neck and shoulders for durability
- Tubular fit for minimal torque

Size guide

  S M L XL 2XL 3XL
Length (cm) 71.00 74.00 77.00 79.00 83.00 85.00
B) Half Chest (cm) 46.00 51.00 56.00 61.00 66.00 71.00

Care instructions

Wash Machine, warm, inside out, similar colors
Tumble Dry Low
Bleach Only non-chlorine
Dry Clean Do not dry clean
Iron Do not iron

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